Your right to peace and happiness.

So I was attending an AA meeting last night, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the meeting just started and they were going through their preamble, or opening statement. In it the speaker said this “(AA) does not wish to engage in any controversy.” And it hit me that I do have peace in my life, I do have happiness in my life, it was just being covered by all the drama from my living situation. Still live with parents.

In that moment I realized all the teachings from the spiritual organization Higher Balance, worked. When I thought I was the one having an “episode” as my Father puts it and when I thought that I was crazy, these statements were completely false. In reality, I was completely fine and content with my life, but I never realized it because so much drama gets created just by me living where I am. They were the ones caught up in the mundanes of life and their issues, not me, I imagine it was just being projected onto me. One thing Eric said was that people can devastate us by manifesting shame and guilt into our lives. It’s a control system. The Matrix.

I’m not allowed to discuss the teachings of HBI in my house, but it’s the only thing that brings me true lasting peace and communion with God or the Force. I’m more the intellectual type I guess, I am fascinated by the true nature of reality and I am always ready to discuss it. I could go on this big logical debate on why I talk about these things to defend my “argument”, but from that meeting last night, it’s very simple, teaching and speaking about HBI teachings makes me happy, it frees me. I like it. Nothing more needs to be said. Either you’re with me on this journey or I will remove you from my life.

Everything Eric Pepin said was true and correct. I honestly believe he has the absolute truth. Just listening to his voice or reading his words calms me down. It’s like something inside me knows what he has to say is “It”. And I’ve looked everywhere for that feeling.

Just typing this and reading it back makes me feel peaceful.

So back to my main point. You have a right to peace and happiness in your life. You belong to no one but yourself. You are allowed to make mistakes because mistakes are part of the learning process. If you trust your life to the Force everything will turn out to be true.

And as much as people might look down upon you, you are a teacher, you have something of value to offer. You aren’t “OCD” you aren’t “ADHD” you just exist in an environment where if you don’t conform something has to be done with you. And it isn’t pretty.

I don’t need alot to be happy and peaceful and I realized this last night at that meeting. I have my teachings, I have my connection with the Force, I have surrender, there’s nothing more that I really want. Most of the fulfillment in this world is an illusion created by the red cells, or sleepers, (AKA non-spiritual people) In the end, there is no other choice, either choose the Force or die. It’s true.

One thing last night that a speaker at that AA meeting said is this “family is difficult”. And it really is. Here I am fighting my heart out just to get my voice heard, and feel free to express myself however I want mistakes and all, and I realize I’m fine, I know my truth, as much as I want a Lamborghini, I would rather give one away. Giving always feels better than receiving.

Think about it, you worked for 10 years non-stop dreaming about this Lambo, then the day comes and you get it. A week later it sits in your garage and the initial hype has died down. Now it’s just your car. Can you see how this is a losing game?

Now I want you to imagine this, you work hard for 10 years save up all your money, and instead of buying the Lambo you buy a cheaper luxury car, and you take half the money you earned and you start giving it out to people who are in true need of it. I understand the example isn’t perfect but I want you to feel the sensation in your chest from giving and receiving. Giving always feels better. Receiving is like when we were young and wanted a toy so bad and when we got it we played with it for a few hours then stopped giving a shit about it. It’s the same concept only now with the “big prize” the Lamborghini.

If you truly want fulfillment, give. Just give shit away, give money away, give time away, give presents away, just start giving shit. I promise you 1. you will get, 2. it will be more sustainable, and 3. the rewards you get from giving will pale in comparison to getting, 4. you will know and have true sustainable wealth.

Reality is an illusion, don’t buy into it.

In closing, I would like to recommend you something that has the potential to change your life. Reiki Healing is an amazingly simple way to heal mental, emotional, and physical wounds. I’ve used to heal myself constantly, I’ve used it to heal others, it works. The technique is very simple, and you just have to try it and experience it, once you have you will realize how amazing it is. ¬†Everyone has the power to heal themselves, and I won’t be surprised if you are in some type of deep pain, do the healing technique and calm down and feel better, physically, mentally, emotionally. It is an amazing super power that I want the world to know about.

So if you feel up to it, I will leave a link below where you can learn the amazing powers of Reiki Healing.

Namaste my friends.

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