Why I prefer pain over pleasure and you should too.

Tony Robbins says there are two main motivating forces in life, pain and pleasure. I agree, either we do things to gain pleasure or we do things to avoid pain. More often we do things to gain pleasure and avoid pain. But when we get so caught up in gaining pleasure it becomes like candy and we get sick and can no longer avoid our pain.

I wonder where the line is drawn between having fun and escaping reality. Well I don’t wonder, I have an idea of where it is, I’ve experienced it, as corny as it sounds, life is a balancing act. Most of the time we are so lost we have no idea where to even begin. We can become so afraid that the fear takes hold of our minds and keeps us as it’s victims.

Our life starts to become out of balance. Shit starts hitting the fans. And the only action we take is one that is self defeating, learned helplessness. We stop being who we truly are and hope that everything will get better.

This can go on for a long period of time, this is considered escaping reality, escaping our problems, we can use lot’s of things to cover up why we feel shitty on the inside, even spirituality. But from my experience our lives get better by action and choice.

I used to take on the compassionate nurturing mother side toward problems and say don’t worry it’ll get better. But now I take on the attitude of going to the doctors to get a shot or a blood test. DO IT NOW. GET IT OVER WITH. YOU’LL FEEL MUCH BETTER.

So why do I say that I like pain more than pleasure? Well simply because it is more motivating. In this country we have this idea of comfort, we like to feel comfortable, we like things to naturally fit. We like to eat cake and then ask for a six pack.

The truth is, you will not make drastic change in your life unless you hit rock bottom for where you are. Until you hit that emotional point of “I will never do it again” you will keep doing it. And then there’s blame, blaming everyone, blaming yourself, your family, your upbringing. Look I’m all for it, but think about it, or rather, what does it feel like to blame?

I bet it feels good, it feels very freeing, it feels like the weight get’s taken off your shoulders.

You know what, I finally caved and decided to put music on for my family and YMCA by the Village People is playing, and you know what, I get the optimism. I always had a problem with optimistic people because I felt I would never become that person.

I guess an interesting insight is mood, how we can go from one mood to another and how we act when we are in these different moods.

You know I’m gonna teach myself a lesson, balance. I think one thing I’ve learned as I got older is everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Everything doesn’t have to be this exact way or I’ll never be happy. There’s room for flexibility. If you’re a guy and you want to start talking to girls but are too afraid too, why not just go to Starbucks and smile at the barista. I’d bet you $20 bucks that you’ll feel better. Then you’ll have momentum and be in a better mood/state and you might without even realizing it go right up to a girl and ask her name.

I just get afraid of how long can this sustain my mood. How many days until this method stops working and I start feeling like crap again. But you know what, like I said, might as well give it a shot. I wouldn’t say ANYTIME I’M IN A BAD MOOD LISTEN TO MUSIC. But something like that would work for me, I guess my thing is flow. I like when things flow, I like when I flow, when life flows. It’s a great feeling.

So I guess throughout this whole piece I learned, both pain and pleasure motivate you, they both work. No need to be an extreme pessimist, or an extreme optimist, I guess realistically optimistic works.

Anyways I hope I gave you some sort of insight as to what to do with your life.

Good Journeys,


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Namaste my friends.

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