What do I want to write into existence?


I have so many ideas, so many different complex ideas that all need care, attention, consistency, focus, and execution. I think I will just take the easy way out and talk about some discoveries!

So in spiritual terms, surrender is the most powerful thing you can do to help yourself. If you’ve been suffering for what seems like longer than usual I highly recommend you give surrender a chance. Go buy the module from higherbalance.com and listen and practice. It will change your life.

I used to think my teacher would say that getting distracted by a good book was deterring me from my spiritual path. But I heard him incorrectly. What he really said was if life is beating you up and you choose to read a book instead of surrender, well that’s your choice. What he meant was surrender, get it out of the way, get to where you want to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, then read the book. Interesting.

Anyways, enjoy life!