Stagnation and The SECRET to CHANGE


In my experience as an empath/spiritual person, I have become somewhat experienced with energy. Nothing like a master, but the amount of experiences I have had and the teachings given to me, I guess I know maybe .01% of it, I feel less, but maybe more than most people.

Most people are so set in their beliefs and their ways (including myself, although I am willing to bend, and I would like too) that to explain this concept to them, it’s like they just brush you off. Almost like they think YOU are the crazy one, not them. I think one of the worst statements I’ve ever heard in my life is “This isn’t NORMAL!”.

What a sad statement. There are so many cultures out there with so many different beliefs and so many unique experiences and ideas that to say just because they aren’t “normal” or you can’t relate to them, makes YOU miss out on such an open palette of life.

Let’s say you grow up your whole life believing a certain way. You go through your whole entire life thinking and believing that this belief system is just the way it is.

Now let’s say you meet someone from a different part of the world and a different belief system and they say to you “Oh you believe that? Well we see it this way :)” And for a split second the floodgates open in your mind and brain and you realize the potential in this new belief system, the potential to your own happiness, the amazement to your own life. You realize that your entire life you simply accepted what was told to you as truth, and never questioned it, because of this you suffered needlessly and never had a slight clue that there was anything else out there.

I think part of the problem is this idea of “normal”.

So not only do you have this set of beliefs that control your life, but you also have the belief, which is conditioned by others and the media and whatever, that if you look outside yourself at other beliefs you are shunned and shamed and told that isn’t “normal”.

So what is my point? And if you wanted to change but couldn’t how could you?

Good thing you are reading this.

So the first point I want to make about this idea of normal and your belief system is that, I’ll bet you $20 bucks that if you go and talk to someone who has an entirely different faith than you, someone from another part of the world, that it will open your mind, you’ll realize the logic in what they believe, maybe you won’t accept all of it, but you generally accept it. And it is so different from what you believe and were taught your whole life that your whole world is just rocked. Your mind is opened and it can’t close anymore. It’s almost like you awaken. It’s profound.

So my point is this, what if someone told you about energy, how to experience it, what it feels like, how to work with and how it controls your life. But at that same time you have someone close to you who says “this isn’t normal, this is crazy talk, none of this exists!!!”. Could you imagine how that could create something of a crisis? I can. On one hand you have this amazing life changing concept (energy) and on the other hand you have “normal”.

It sucks. Part of you knows a better way, the truth, yet the people who you are close with disagree.

So my point to that whole ramble above is to just get you to kind of open your mind to a new way of living, and the benefits to it. I also write to get concepts stick to my mind. So let’s talk about energy.

I’m really tired and I guess I’ll just explain this to you simply. Energy does exist. But instead of telling you about, I’m going to have you experience it. There is energy in everything, people are like big broadcast towers that broadcast out their thoughts and emotions into the environment and where they live. To experience energy, simply feel things. Walk into nature and feel the energy coming off of plants. Feel peoples energy, it will tell you alot about them. So how can this help you?

Well if you aren’t open to it then it can’t :).

But this can help you in different ways. I’ve had the experience of being in total despair and total chaos, and I’ve had to fight to get my sanity back. And that’s who I write this for, that person. So if you live in a home environment, homes tend to hold a variety of energies. They can create unnecessary drama and fights while the people living in these homes have no idea about it, they simply think it’s the other person giving them a bad look or something. Thus creating fights and dead relationships. When in actuality it’s the energy of the environment.

So what can you do in this situation? The simple answer is to rearrange the furniture in the house. It will collapse the energy field that is created and will give you room to breathe. Then, IF you want, you can start putting on good music, thinking on beautiful thoughts inviting good friends over, throw a party, and allow these vibes to go into the home. Unfortunately this can be used for bad reasons, you have to watch out for these people.

To deal with negative energy, try salting the area then sweeping it up an hour later. Also if you ever feel you are under attack, simply go to your Chi chakra and breathe in. This chakra is two inches below your belly button.

So to wrap this whole ramble up, I believe I’ve discovered the secret to change. Very simply put, who you hang out with is who you become. It is so hard to change on your own, it is so difficult to change your thinking and feelings. BUT if you hang out with new people who have what you want it’s like there’s this osmosis that happens and change becomes effortless. Try it out.

Also I just want to point out that, at least in my experience, I was so accustomed to who I lived with, (my parents and brother) that it never occurred to me I was becoming like them. I never thought they would rub off on me. But being they are really the people I spend the majority of my time with, when I left for a night I realized I was becoming like them. Broke, anxiety ridden, unhappy and unfulfilled, not living at the edge of life, not pushing the boundaries, not questioning, not living the life I wanted to live, but the one THEY wanted me to live. 

I could go on, and on, but I just want to get this post out, I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas!


Anyways, if you are looking for some super powers I highly recommend you check this out. It is a Reiki home study course, someone said to me “don’t you need to be taught this stuff by a master?”. My response is “I taught myself through a book” and something a highly advanced spiritual being told me “yeah Reiki masters, $300 bucks and a weekend workshop and you’re a master” (he was being sarcastic of course). But that’s how they teach Reiki. Of course there are real masters, but do you honestly think that you suddenly master this practice in a weekend and $300? I think not.

So teach yourself, enjoy it, share it, practice it, teach it, LIVE IT!


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