What is it about nature that calms me down? I had a crazy night last night, and I was just in this repetitive downward spiral, the ones where nothing and no one can help you. So I woke up today and said grumpily said “fine, I’ll go sit in my backyard” (I have trees in my backyard and plants and stuff, nature).

So the second I stepped out my front door immediately 10 lbs. came off my back, then I actually got outside and started to feel pretty good. I saw a woman and got scared, (have some social anxiety) so I hurried into my backyard. And then when I got there, it just hit me.

I felt stable for once, I could feel the warm embrace and calmness, and quietness of being alone in a forest. No one to bother you, just you and whatever is out there. My mind became still and quiet, my body relaxed, I went from grumpy to optimistic, I started to say “good morning” to the trees, the blue sky, the sun, the grass, all of it. It was like an inner harmony, it was like I was part of a symphony of some epic proportions, but completely natural, nothing forced, nothing counter intuitive, all intuitive.

I’ll be honest I do kinda have anger issues, so I started to break off some branches from a tree, and that felt great and let me release even more emotion.

Nature is healing. It is kind of like a snake, where it loves you, but the second you walk away it poisons you, but I’ll take the good with the bad.

For me a peak state is sitting in nature and writing a post, or creating something, I have too much energy to just sit around and look at stuff, I like to do stuff. I like to draw, write, create, make music, something, anything, it’s just this creative itch inside me saying “do something stupid!”.

So I won’t claim to know all of the hidden gems in Nature, but I have discovered quite a few that are fascinating. It’s like my teacher Eric said, “all the secrets are in Nature.”

So the first one is obviously what I’m talking about now, just sitting in Nature, and the calming effect it has on you, it is quite profound, it’s not 100% every time you step out there, but I would put it at 85% and say it’s consistent. I guess it has to do with your expectations. Another thing my teacher says, “expect nothing, gain everything”.

Another thing I discovered is the beauty in the ugliness, in nature. So there’s this tree or plant or vine or whatever the hell it is in my backyard. It looks almost like a falling vine, that shoots off into all different directions and gets smaller and at the tips there are loads of what looks like cotton spores.

Now at first when I saw this, I was disgusted, I couldn’t imagine myself touching this thing let alone enjoying it. But the more I looked at it, and touched it, I realized it wasn’t going to hurt me. It simply was. I came to embrace it, it reminds me of me. Eventually I would just pet it and feel the cotton intensely, and I enjoyed it, I came to appreciate it’s beauty. Now of course when I took a piece off and brought it upstairs to my parents they freaked out and said get that thing away from me. And all I could think about was the shift in my brain, I was just like them at first, but I came to enjoy this plant, or vine, or whatever. It became an ally.

From that I kinda realized Nature doesn’t stop growth, it doesn’t fight, it doesn’t resist, whatever is meant to be is meant to be in a way. If it comes out looking like a freakish frankenstein looking plant, that’s how it comes out. And then it lives it’s life fully and completely, until it eventually dies. Fascinating.

From there I learned about death in nature and viruses. One day I was studying a fig tree and I came to realize that there was a particular branch where all of the figs had dried up and turned black. A virus got to them and they died. And they died. And that was it. No fighting, no “I need more time” they simply got attacked and died. It looked like a slow and painful death. But that was how it went, it rotted from inside out and died over time. There was never a time where it said “just one more second” when it was time to leave it did. It was slow, painful and ugly, but that’s just how it went.

Another fascinating thing I discovered while sitting under a tree near a park by my house is the profound magical powers of dirt. There’s a particular kind of dirt I’m talking about, not so much the soil type, but just light dirt. The kind that you can stick your hands in and it’s kind of chalky. So I was meditating one day and I happened to put my hand on the ground and picked up some of this kind of dirt, I then wiped it on the skin of my leg, and something amazing happened. It felt like all of the muscles in my leg relaxed and became super calm. So I imagine if you ever have a headache or some part of your body is in physical pain, rub some dirt on it.

That’s all I got, I hope you got some value out of this and some peace in your life, whether it was listening and identifying or trying out the things I’m saying, I really hope this profoundly impacts your life and helps you to do what you know you need to do, or rather, what you WANT to do.


Anyways, Namaste!


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