How to find what you really love.

Success is a funny feeling. At times it can make you feel on top of the world, at other times you bear a large weight trying to scramble to make it out alive.

I think success is what I love.

You’ll know when you have found your love. It may find you in a funny way, as an old dream that you shelved and marked as “improbable”.

But this time you are just a bit wiser, you’ve been through the wringer so now you have some wisdom about your experiences. You now know intuitively how to handle this situation again. Whether it means taking a break, loosening up and changing your strategy. It all went on. Naturally.

Isn’t that amazing, we’ve made it through another miracle, another experience, another vibration, another hell. And we are still here.

There is a natural erasing process in life. Auto correcting code in a way. If you were to dig up some dirt underneath a tree and leave it for a few days, nature will slowly overwrite what you have written. You will physically see branches, dirt swept from the wind, leaves maybe, destroying what you have created.

Nothing can withstand this process. Nothing is forever. No matter how deep and immaculate it may be. It will be washed out. Life goes on.

I think meditation is life. I think that’s how you save yourself. Especially meditating with someone else. Your energies merge and you become your true self. And you are able to see your friend and who he is and might become. Then you can look back at yourself dimensionally to see where you are at in your evolution.

I have a sick headache, this shit is eating me alive.


Looking back I realized I made an error, success is cool, but spirit is cooler. Meditation and speaking of meaningful things keeps me going. The business stuff is just an inner personality, a dreamer. That self is dreaming in that state. Being a human. Forgetting the awakening. Forgetting the purpose, the feeling.

Hold on my Mom is calling

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