How to feel good all day every day!

Happy 2017!

What are your New Year resolutions? Make more money, be happier, learn more, lose weight. The usual stuff. Good for you! I’ll be the odd one out and say, you know what, maybe your resolutions will happen!

But in the event your life turns to total chaos what do you do? What happens when your brain is moving at 900 MPH you can’t focus, your anxiety ridden, your loaded with fear and you can’t decide what to do let alone what you want?

Well the short answer is to fast. Just waking up one morning and deciding “you know what I’m just going to fast today, no coffee, no food, perhaps no water” you will start to feel better. In some way I imagine these mental and emotional problems are being cycled by eating food, it creates some sort of positive link to these negative emotions so they continue without you realizing you are doing it to yourself.

As you start to fast you will feel your stomach emptying out and it no longer having any job to do, it feels like it is just cycling nothing. For me, when I feel my stomach emptying, it feels great, no coffee to give me anxiety, no food to give me energy, I feel just pure and light, like many weights were lifted off my back.

In my experience, after getting sober from a 4 year marijuana addiction, I realized that my addiction went from pot to food and coffee and video games without me realizing it. I was still “using” technically to cover up my reality. I would always be on the edge of feeling good then the whole thing just collapses on me. I guess I became a food junkie chasing the high. The high of sugar, caffeine, buying stuff, deliciousness. But eventually the high runs out and you need to sustain yourself so you get another coffee, or you check your email one more time, or you write a blog post! That’s when I imagine either you get the fix, or you feel yourself tip-toeing into craziness.

So if this seems like you, or you are bombarded with negative energies/emotions, I highly suggest you fast. It’s like processing food takes up so much energy that we don’t realize, that when we stop, all this energy comes back to us.

And also, I think speaking and communicating with others is a way of hiding from reality. But that’s just me, cover up the emptiness inside of you with a conversation with someone. Get that hit of gratification of hope from someone else because you can’t create it yourself so that way the reality doesn’t hit you that life ain’t too grand right now. Although after re-reading this, socializing is fun! Balance, I guess!

So when you fast, you become aware of these subtle energies, you become aware of your patterns, you become aware of your thinking, your mind can move faster and easier, you can hold concepts easier, I guess it’s like freeing up RAM or space on a hard drive on a computer.

So what have I learned from fasting, well a few things. The first thing is my anxiety is basically gone. I’m not feeding the cycle with sugar and whatever so it just stops happening. The next thing is my mind feels clear, I’m not trying to piece together an infinite puzzle for the secret to the universe. I simply feel that I am one with it, or I am it.

The third thing I noticed, and this was an insight, was that (I’m writing this at 1:23PM, go figure) I create my reality in the end. Everyone has opinions, everyone has answers, everyone has philosophies, and they can be very powerful with their conviction, but I can choose what I want to believe in. I have the choice to see what I want to see, to label things the way I want to label them. I create my reality, and with my emotions being free, and my mind clear, it’s easier to focus on choosing what I want and where I want to go.

Thank you fasting!

I read somewhere that fasting is the fastest way to speed up your spiritual growth, or at least growth in general, I agree.

To me, fasting is just the first part, it’s just destroying what is, to leave what’s left, the foundation, so from there you can go and do what you desire and feel good about. It’s just like clearing everything out so that way you can build from a space of feeling good and enjoying life.

Now that you have this foundation, what do you do. Well for me I reflect, without food processing taking up my energy, I reflect, it’s a good feeling. What do I want? What is this stuff? Who am I? What is my truth? But these questions and answers aren’t so logically built, they are more like inner truths that were always there.

The last tip I’ll give you is to focus, you literally go where you focus. That’s why fasting is so powerful, because it clears out all the negativity and keeps the positivesĀ up. So you can focus with ease, and feel good about it!



Anyways, since were on the topic on fighting consumerism! I found this great store that is loaded with spiritual goodies, brainwave technology, crystals, yoga, all the good stuff. Even though I am against it, retail therapy is a real and fun thing! TREAT YO SELF!

Happy New Year!

Also feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think and your experiences!

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