About me

This is a tough one to write. Depending on where I am spiritually, usually  I am either optimistic or reckless. Meditation helps, it’s a tough choice to make but one well worth it.

I go by the name Chris, I am an intense person with a creative appetite for solving fun business problems. I have spent the last 4 years meditating and pursing truth and higher consciousness. Fun things were created through the sheer thought in our minds, it still does. Practicing Reiki healing on myself and healing physical ailments with ease and in seconds. I like to read and be with spiritual people and be in that bubble.

This site was originally created as a joke, but people loved the articles, like they really loved the articles, so I kept writing. I would like to create some hub of information, preferably something that effects a nation or nations way of thinking. Maybe like an international news network that effects the global consciousness grid. Something that flows into a beautiful fiery death leaving its mark on eternity. Gone but never forgotten.

Feel free to reach me at Sparacino@stupidonion.com with any questions, comments, praises, and concerns.

I’ll ask my inner navigator any big questions you may have as well.